Viviane Sassen, Hot Mirror

22nd Jun 2018 - 7th Oct 2018

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The Hepworth Wakefield presents a survey of work by internationally renowned Dutch artist and photographer Viviane Sassen.

Straddling both the fashion and fine art worlds, Sassen is one of the most innovative photographers working today. For Hot Mirror Sassen has selected individual images from her notable art photography series of the last ten years, as well as new photographs and collages. These selections  combine to create ‘image-poems’ that draw on the Surrealist strategies of collage, offering new and unexpected juxtapositions.
Sassen cites Surrealism as one of her earliest artistic influences, seen in the uncanny shadows, fragmented bodies and dream-like landscapes in her work. Timed to sit alongside The Hepworth Wakefield’s exhibition exploring Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain, Hot Mirror highlights the Surrealist themes in her work.
Hot Mirror also presents a new version of Sassen’s immersive film installation, Totem (2014), within a purpose-built structure – constructed of mirrored walls and projections – specifically designed for The Hepworth Wakefield. The installation places the visitor inside an infinite surreal landscape, where shadows and reflections are amplified, creating an intertwining world between image and reality. This will be the first time Totem has been on display in the UK.

A creative collaboration between Sassen and designer Irma Boom will accompany the exhibition in the form of a book – Hot Mirror – published by Prestel. It will include an interview with the artist and essay by The Hepworth Wakefield curator, Eleanor Clayton.

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